A new kustom buildup from TexFX! Our motto: “Opus multus , Mereo parum!”*

This model has been sold. Commissions are available...

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This is a build of the old Aurora WOLFMAN kit, but customized to the max as you can see. It has a fantastic new goth-style base that has pro painted “lighting FX” and creepy, craggy stalagmites on top. Wolfie his ownself has full body customization across the whole figure, including rotation of the upper torso, extension in the lower back and rotation plus extension of the neck and shoulders. But best of all...

The TexFX Wolfman is ACTUALLY BECOMING A WEREWOLF with new extended jaw and face, full 3D fangs, a wild wolfish tongue and pointed, lycan-type ears! All seamless of course.

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The awesomely customizd Gothic base has also been propainted with eerie lighting FX – no special lighting in this photo, just paint. What you see is what you get!

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Every TexFX model will be carefully packged for safe shipment... PROMISE!

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Reverse figure

*Latin: Work much, earn little!