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Sculpt by Tex Greene


Straight from the pages of FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine... it's the JECKYL N' HYDE RESIN ASSEMBLY KIT! Inspired by those great cheezy Topstone monster masks sold by Captain Company at the height of the 60s monster craze!

The super-detailed JECKYL n' HYDE SUPER-DEFORMED RESIN KIT comes in 7 PARTS and builds to 7 n' a half by 4+ inches. The kit is shockingly EZ to assemble - ya need cyno-acrylate (ie: Super/Krazy) glue, perma-putty (Bondo/Apoxie) and paint. Chain him on yer shelf as a fun-tastic addition to yer monster collection!

From the original ad: Something really new! A 2 in 1 mask that looks like both Jeckyl and Hyde at the same time! Nothing like it anywhere. Change faces just by turning your head slightly!

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GG As RF by Emmanuel Paclibon

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“Texâ€Greene here, 'Large Pappy' of TexFX Garage Kits. Nestled in the heart of So-SoCal (sorta Southern California) I'm busy pumpin', pourin', grindin', n' sandin' til my brain is nuthin' but resin dust coz makin' my own model kits has become an obsession with me. My mission is simple: There are sooo many monsters, finks n' freaks that never got made into kits and... I WANNA FIX THAT!

"It took little or no talent... and I had both!" Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth