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"Big Daddy Visits the Tiki Hut"

A Brannew TexFX 2-Kit BASH-O-RAMA!

The little grass shack been sittin' on the beach since 1964, waitin'. The sign sez "Big Daddy Wuz Here", but it's been a lo-o-ong time since the gang got together... hey wade a minnut! Take a look & jump for Joy!* Can it really be?? His Royal Highness Edwardo Rothfinkus the First (and last) just pulled up in the Surfite and he's takin' out his longboard! It's a Birdfink! It's a Plainfink... no it's "Big Daddy Visits the Tiki Hut"! A TWO-KIT BASH from TexFX Kustom Pro!

(*but not if her boyfriend's around!)

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(Double yer Pleasure, Double yer Fun!)

This TexFX Bash-O-Rama starts with Revell's "Surfite and Tiki Hut" kit but then goes way over the hi side with a TON of bashed, customized an' added stuff... INCLUDING A COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED BIG DADDY FIGURE AND KUSTOM RAT FINK FROM THE 'ROAD AGENT' KIT!

'Member how Big Daddy usedta wear a tux? Well he's pulled it off an' put on his OLE SCHOOL, 60s STYLE SURFin' JAMS and now he's ready fer some big wave action! Daddy wears a kustom Hawaiian shirt an' monster lei around his neck, an' sports a kustom goatee that's WAYMO like the real Ed Roth had, and a course, a biggole hog-eatin' grin on his face. All surfboards fit comfortably under big Daddy's arm btw - or he can stand solo if ya want him to.

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Rat Fink's been kustomized too: new arms, new legs n' feet and now he's wavin' to his Daddy. Neither RF or Big Daddy are glued down - Daddy stands upright w/no support of any kind - so glue him if you wanna. I stuck RF on the roof with sculpey for these pix but you can put him wherever you want.

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TIKI HUT looks a lot different too! SIDE CURTAIN & TOWELS are now fully 3D - watch 'em blow in the sea breeze! There's a ROARING FIRE in the previously empty fire pit, plenty of nice warm BEACH GRASS pokin' thru the sand, a 100% CUSTOM STOVEPIPE and 3D GRASS N' PALM FRONDS stickin' out from the ROOF AN' WALLS of the hut... makes it look just like a ACTUAL, GENUINE SUGARSHACK made of flotsam und jetsons picked up on the beach at Malibu or Waikiki way before you was even born probably!

Best of all, the LAZY SURFER DUDE IS NOW 100% 3 Dee-mention-ized! His biggole feeter stickin' plumb out the window til you can practically smell em'! An' the sign now sez: "Big Daddy IZ Here" (coz he is, y'know?)

All topped with a carefully slopped on, super-detailed PRO PAINT job... coz man, who needs a blowbrush when you got SKILLS!? Now THAT'S a Tiki Hut Diorama that will crown ANY Big Daddy Roth Collection!

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THE DIRTY DETAILS: Ya git everything that came with the original Surfite kit too - Surfite is air-painted to match the box art (comes with the hood cover - we left it off to show the engine). The base kits are (like I sed before) the 90s SURFITE and ROAD AGENT repop. The kustom kit comes with the SURFITE BOX. Remember... each n' every TexFX Kustom Buildup is UNIQUE. If you get it, you'll have the only one on the planet!

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