SURFINK! from TexFX Pro... Our motto: "All Plastic, Alla Time!"

This model has been sold. Commissions are available, tho

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Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's SURFINK!

SURFINK! One of Big Daddy's best, but even so he could use some upgrades - all in the spirit of the original drawlings. So TexFX Surfink has extra warts n' pit hair, Dennis-The-Menace style cowlicks, a "wife-beater" tank top tan and a dinged-up, gnarled-up surfboard... oh, and check out his mouth: he's got a uvula (aka: biggole hangin' thang) in his gullet, just like real live human surfers do! (Original mouth cavity has been altered and deepened to accomodate the hanging thing.)

This is Surfink the way Big Daddy wanted him to be: smelly, sweaty, snouty, snarly, gnarly, lumpy, lazy, loathsome an unbe-LEEV-ably, OVER-THE-TOP HAIRBALL!

This model has been sold.

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And it's all made of plastic... now THAT'S a Surfink that'll crown ANY Big Daddy Roth Collection!

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