Si non gnarly... non gnihil! 'Magnus Pater' Rothfinqqus*

presents: Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's...

Limited Edition Resin Kit $199.95

So stoked he's bitin' thru his own lips! SIDEWALK SURFER is magnificent in its hideousity... like a Big Daddy Roth model oughta be! The TexFX SIDEWALK SURFER RESIN KIT will ex-blitherate the most rapacious Rothhound!

Full 1:6 scale model, builds to 9.5 inches tall by 10 inches long. Kit comes complete with MOTOR, SKATEBOARD n' 8 BALL SHIFTER, 'DEAD MAN'S CURVE' SIGN W/STAND! This monster is 100% solid ivory resin - no fillers at all!

This is a scratch-built kit, made in my garage - there will be cutting, grinding and other prep, but pieces are guaranteed precision cast. What with the wierdness and wildness of this here kit and tha super LIMITED EDITION - NO MORE THAN 30 OF THESE KITS WILL EVER BE PRODUCED BY TexFX - an' all like that, this is sure to become one ridick-yoo-luss collectible! Comes with full color instruction booklet that chew kin also download right here:

SIDEWALK SURFER Instructions - PDF format

Print in double page layout to make a full color instruction booklet

Remember: Big Daddy is our leader!

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About TexFX GK

Tex Greene here, Cheap Krook and Booty-watcha of TexFX GK, talkin' atcha from my teeming sweatshops in the sunny, fun-filled heart of So-SoCal (Sorta Southern California) I'll skip how I got this way an' just tell ya, makin' my own scratch-built models has become an obsession with me! My mission is simple (tho maybe unsane): There were so many fantastic Finks that never got made into kits and baby... I'M GONNA FIX THAT!

If it ain't gnarly... it ain't gnothin'! Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth*