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This rat has been sold – commission another one by email!

THE BUYER SAYS: I liked it in the photos, but in person it's WAY better! Extremely happy!

TexFX presents...


Every finkster knows Big Daddy Roth conceived his most beloved character as "the anti-Mickey Mouse". Mickey was squeaky clean while RF was filthy, disgusting, dangerous and quite possibly insane. Mickey looked like balloons tied together while RF looked... well, like a GIANT RAT! He had a snout filled with razor-sharp fangs, sickening graygreen rodent-type skin and huge hairy ears. He was covered with warts, surrounded by buzzing flies and boy did we love him for it! That's the way Big Daddy originally drew him but somewhere along the line RF got toned down... until now!


"RAT FINK, TOO" has an extended EXTRA-LONG SNOUT filled with xtra-SHARP, luvlee YELLO-white EXTRA TEETH (lotsa extra teeth) and an extended lower jaw with extra chompers too. He also gotz fully 3-DIMENSIONAL-ized FEET (not the flat hollow feet of the original model), and the famous Ed Roth/Don Martin "toe lift" on the left 3D foot (can't fergit that!) An his sweatshirt (overalls? snot-britches?? whatever it is) is detailed to match the original box art n' even those ancient, pre-Revell Big Daddy decal drawin's.

Being a TexFX fink, a course he's got a LOTTA EXTRA WARTS n' HAIR... on his HEAD, on his EARS, on his ARMS and on his LEGS, not to mention FOOT HAIR, TOE WARTZ, TOE HAIR, SHOULDER WARTZ, SHOULDER HAIR, BACK HAIR... yuck, disgusting. He also gotta LENGTHENED TAIL and POINTY “human-esque” ELBOWS - everything to make him more like those disgusting, delightful 60s Roth drawlings.

And every bit of him is PLASTIC... the same plastic as the Revell model it ownself. Take a look at the amazin' mazooma detailin' all over this guy!

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RF, Too is no flatfoot - he gotz fully 3-Dimensional-ized feet!

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Now THAT'S a Rat Fink with RAT-A-TOOD that'll crown ANY Big Daddy Collection... anytime, anyplace, ANYWHERE! (as they say) Cowabunga!!

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The base kit is the 90s reissue w/the "garbage dump" artwork and IT COMES WITH THAT BOX.

(Well, it did – this model has been SOLD)

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Here's what slaphappy TexFX-ers have to say (click the type ta see whut they're talkin' bout):

"Got the model today! Its amazing!! I can't believe this is mine! The detail is incredible and I love the paint job. Your definately right, this is how Big Daddy wanted you to see these models. The extra stuff - the long hair and extended bangs, beatnik whiskers, the faded jeans, the extra detail on the skin - is unbelieveable! I can't tell you how much I really love this model. Right down to the fingers and toes, this is great work, "Tex"! I really love it.

Thanks again, Emmanuel P. (Mother's Worry, Surfink)

ROCKIN' stuff! I like your creativity! I have some other Weird-Ohs, could you do them too?

Nicki C. (Rat Fink #1, Mr. Gasser, Weird-Ohs Davey)