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Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's RAT FINK!

The Anti-Mickey

Every finkster knows 'Big Daddy' Roth originally conceived his most beloved critter as "the antithesis of Mickey Mouse". Mickey was kid-friendly with a super positive attitude while The Fink was filthy, dangerous and maybe insane. Mickey looked like a bunch of squeaky-clean balloons. Rat Fink looked like, well... a gigantic RAT! He had a long, nasty-lookin' snout filled with razor-sharp fangs, sickening grey-green skin and huge hairy ears. He was clacky-clawed, covered with warts and surrounded by buzzing flies - and boy did we love him for it!

That's the way Big Daddy originally drew him, but somewhere along the line RF got toned down quite a bit. The Revell company did a great job on the model but let's face it, any injection molded commercially produced kit, especially in the early 60s, couldn't truly capture the gnarly, fun-tastic detail of those original Roth drawings... and maybe they didn't want to?

Here are some TexFX versions of Rat Fink, the way Big Daddy drew him to be: smelly, sweaty, snouty, snarly, gnarly, lumpy, lazy, loathsome an unbe-LEEV-ably, OVER-THE-TOP HAIRBALL! The Anti-Mickey Mouse!

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Here's what TexFX buyers have to say:

"Got the model today! Its amazing!! I can't believe this is mine! The detail is incredible and I love the paint job. Your definately right, this is how Big Daddy wanted you to see these models. The extra stuff... is unbelieveable! I can't tell you how much I really love this model. Right down to the fingers and toes, this is great work! I really love it. Thanks again, Emmanuel P.

ROCKIN' stuff! I like your creativity! I have some other Weird-Ohs, could you do them too? Nicki C.