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Here's what buyer of MOTHER'S WORRY #1 had to say:

"Got the model today! Its amazing!! I can't believe this is mine! The detail is incredible and I love the paint job. Your definately right, this is how Big Daddy wanted you to see these models. The extra stuff - the long hair and extended bangs, the faded jeans, the extra detail on the skin - is unbelieveable! I can't tell you how much I really love this model. Right down to the fingers and toes, this is great work, Geoff! I really love it.

Thanks again, Emmanuel P. (Mother's Worry/Surfink/Rat Fink #3)

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth


No commercial kit from the early 60s could really do justice to Roth's monsters - they didn't have the technology to reproduce all the hairs, gnurls n' warts that Big Daddy peppered his original drawings with... until now!

So here's Mother's Worry the way Big Daddy MEANT him to be: foul, filthy, gnarly, nutty an TOTALLY, OVER-THE-TOP HAIRBALL! This complete custom pro build has extra everything - extra warts on face, arms and body, extra long mop and screamin' loud cowabunga detailing.

All the custom work is done in PLASTIC - all the warts, all the hairs, all the lumps an all the bumps, right down to the dirtiest detail - are made from the very same plastic as the model itself. No fishing line, cotton puffs or stuff like that. A fine addition to any Ed Roth collection!

Note the XTRA WARTZ n'ARM HAIRS, the XTRA TEETH, the extended bellybutton, the ULTRA-LONG KUSTOM TONGUE and excessively massive HAIR EXTENSIONS!!!

Note the super-kleen styling, rad mag wheels and banana yellow detailing!

YER NAME HERE... if you order now! Just $149.95 + S&H... cheep at 2wice the price!