Ya n-n-never know w-w-what new w-w-weirdness is comin' from...

Coming soon... VAMPIRA and ZACHERLY!

Half of the face appears to be melting onto the floor!! from the original ad



Direct from the back pages of FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine... it's THE MELTING MAN SUPER-DEFORMED RESIN KIT! This kit is an homage to the cheezy old TOPSTONE MONSTER MASKS sold by Captain Company at the height of the 60s monster craze!

The super-detailed TexFX MELTING MAN RESIN KIT is shockingly EZ to assemble... comes in 9 PARTS and builds to 8 by 4+ inches. Let him heat up yer display shelf as a fun-tastic addition to yer monster collection! And click below to see THE MUMMY, JECKYL & HYDE and the one and only SHOCK MONSTER!

Professional BUILT & PAINTED models are available for only $50 + kit cost. Email imtexfx@gmail.com for details.

original ad from FM magazine

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GG As RF by E-man Paclibon

TexFX GK has moved to SURF CITY!

Tex Greene here, 'Large Pappy' of TexFX Garage Kits. I done left my sweatshops in So-SoCal (Sorta Southern California) and made my way to the actual heart of sunny, fun-filled Southern California! Yippee!! But my sacred mission remains the same: Those B MOVIE MONSTERS and FANTASs-tick-FINKS that never got made into models kits are still waitin' like a buncha lost puppies an' I aim to adopt 'em all!

"It took little or no talent... and I had both!" Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth