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Beautiful model!! This is too cool !!!”

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A new TexFX Propaint Buildup...

LOST IN SPACE Xtravaganza

Space Family Robinson menaced by cyclops - one of the kooler "guy in a monster suit" vintage models. Here's the TexFX version... super-detailed pro-paint with added CUSTOM 3D FUR on the monster, kustomized figs with dad Robinson holding a plasma rifle like in the show - mom, the Other Guy and Bill Mumy are somewhat kustom-ized an' fabulash ANGELA CARTWRIGHT (dream girl of every pre-ad 60s scifi geek) has been enhanced to bring her closer to actual reality!

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But best of all... check out the amazingly weird, totally custom towering stalagmites sticking up out of the planet base and the paint job that makes it look like errie greenish light is reflected all over, washing the colorful landscape in dazzling auras of golds, yellows and greens. The colors are unbelievable! There are no lighting FX in these photos – just sun on paint!

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As usual with TexFX models, all custom work is done in the very same plastic as the model itself.

No fishing line, cotton puffs or stuff like that - EVERYTHING'S made of plastic. Now THAT'S a LOST IN SPACE that'll crown ANY Monster, LiS or Sci-Fi (or should I now spell it "SyFy"?) Collection! Remember - every TexFX Kustom Pro Buildup is unique, if you get it you'll have the only one on the planet!

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The base kit is the Polar Lights repro and it comes w/that box.

BTW – all TexFX Kustom models are DOUBLE BOXED to insure safe shipping! PROMISE!

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The cyclops is not glued in, for safe shipping and so you can put him how you want. The Robinsons have been superglued but can be easily re-arranged if you want. (superglue doesn't melt/bond styrene plastic like epoxies do so a firm twist should take the figs right off the base)

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