Hic postulo parum vel haud talentum, quod ego usus utriusque!!” 'Magnus Pater' Rothfinquus*

'Big Daddy' Roth's


100% Resin Assembly Kit $249.95

HOTROD HOOTENANNY is magnificent in its hideousity – just like a Big Daddy mess-terpiece oughta be! With four full 1:8 scale figures and all their accessories, this iz the biggest, baddest Big Daddy Kit ever produced! Guaranteed to deblitherate even the most ravenous Rothhounds!

This 1:8 scale kit includes ALL FOUR FIGURES featured in the original LP art along with all their ACCESSORIES – ELECTRIC GUITAR, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, SAXOPHONE and HILLBILLY CRASH HELMET (that's the floppy hat fer you non-finksters). Figures are shown in Lindberg's “Big Red Rod” but they'll fit any open top 1:8 scale “T bucket” - like the 4 seater Phaeton version of Revell's “Big Tub”. Kit does not include a car. 100% polyurethane resin right down to the filthy fingernails.

Comes with 8 page full-color instructions! Which ya kin download here - print 'em in standard “double page” layout they will form a nice little booklet!

Download HOT ROD HOOTENANNY Instructions in PDF format

THE NANNY-HOOTERS (Click for bigger pix):

ELECTRIC GUITAR GUY 8” tall – ACOUSTIC GUITAR GUY 7.5” tall – Insaniac SAX PLAYER stands 7.5” tall - DRIVER DUDE 7 inches w/his 'Hillbilly Crash Helmet'

(Prepaints n' individual figs also available – email Ole Mister Tex fer details)

Original HOT ROD HOOTENANNY album circa 1963

This is a MiaRG kit, ax-shully made in my garage. There will be prep work, but pieces are guaranteed clean and precision cast w/no bubbling or other problems. Assembly is a lot easier than many commercial car kits. One thing's fer shur...

They gone look AWSUMLY GNARLY in yer display!

GG As RF by Emmanuel Paclibon

About TexFX GK

Tex” Greene talkin' atcha from the TexFX sweatshops in sunny, fun-filled Bakersfield, the heart of So-SoCal (“sorta Southern California”) I been skulptin' and castin' til my head is nuttin' but resin dust! I'll skip how I got this way an' just tell ya - makin' my own model kits has become an obsession with me! My mission - tho possibly insane - is very simple: There were sooo many B MOVIE MONSTERS and FANTASTIK FINKS that never got made into kits and baby... I WANNA CHANGE THAT!

"It took little or no talent... and I had both!" Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth*