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TexFX presents...

Vintage "Big Daddy" Roth's MISTER GASSER!

Not yer momma's Mister Gasser! This is Gasser the way Big Daddy DRAWED him to be: hideous, hazardous, smelly, sweaty, snarly, gnarly, loud, lumpy, lazy, loathsome an unbe-LEEV-ably, OVER-THE-TOP HAIRBALL!

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This TexFX vintage custom buildup has EXTRA EVERYTHING: Gasser is decked out with tons of extra TEETH and stand-up, yucky, 3D CUSTOM HAIR on face, arms and body (esp. the PITS!) His belly button has been lowered and he gots an XTRA LONG, BILLoWy MOP of hair that fouls the air behind him as he zooms by... and best of all - A BRAND NEW, KNEE-LENGTH CUSTOM TONGUE!


Gasser's '57 Chevy has been amped to the max with awesomely huge stretched RACING SLICKS, the way the original Roth drawings had 'em! (the slicks have a brace so he can wheelie if you want)



This vintage builtup was made from an old "Heavy Head" base kit (aka: Revells "Freaky Riders" series issued in 1972) that I had to fully "deconstruct" and strip before working on. The wheels are from the Stanley Mouse "SuperFuzz" reissue - I thot they fit the spirit nice, plus that's how the original Gasser drawings were. Everything is hand painted, down to the tiniest wart... a fine addition to ANY Big Daddy Roth collection!

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Here's what a buyer has to say:

"Got the model today! Its amazing!! I can't believe this is mine! The detail is incredible and I love the paint job. Your definately right, this is how Big Daddy wanted you to see these models. The extra stuff - the long hair and extended bangs, beatnik whiskers, the faded jeans, the extra detail on the skin - is unbelieveable! I can't tell you how much I really love this model. Right down to the fingers and toes, this is great work, Geoff! I really love it.

Thanks again, Emmanuel P.


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