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WOLFMAN'S WAGON (original shown above) One of the “odd rod” kits that were sort of a combo of Aurora monsters and Revell's character rods - problem was they weren't up to either line. The rods weren't cars and the monsters were all scrunched up like only the top half of 'em was really there... until now!

Here's WOLFMAN'S WAGON like you never saw it before, kustomed n' kit-bashed into near non-recognition! Wolfy's wearin' his surf jams in his kustom seat, legs extended, head thrown back to howl at the moon better as he speeds along... and man is he clockin'! You can see the wind blowin' his hair and his rats are hangin' on fer dear life! Oh - he keeps a spare victim in the trunk, just in case the road munchies set in...

The original, kinda pathetic “wagon” looks like Big Daddy hizzown-self got aholt of it and juiced it into a hell-on-wheels racing machine w/truly MASSIVE KUSTOM REAR SLICKS (specially cast of 100% polyurethane resin) a TOP MOUNTED ENGINE w/blazin' pipes, SUPER-FAT FRONT MAG WHEELS and a ROOF MOUNTED SEAT!


Mr. Larry T has been kustomized to the max w/open howling mouth, flowing hair, new fangs, shortened surf jammies, re-positioned arms, legs, hands, feet an' … heck, other stuff too.

All TexFX kustom work is done in PLASTIC – 'cept for the SPECIAL HAND CAST 100% RESIN REAR WHEELS ON THIS BABY – everything else is made from the same plastic as the model and hot-melted right into the model itself! All topped by a professionally super-careful slopped-on paint job!!!

Here's what TexFX-ers have to say:

"Got the model today! Its amazing!! I can't believe this is mine! The detail is incredible and I love the paint job. The extra stuff is unbelieveable! I can't tell you how much I really love this model. Right down to the fingers and toes, this is great work! I really love it.

Thanks again, Emmanuel P. (Mother's Worry/Surfink/Rat Fink #3)