Magnus pulmentum, Magnum fortuna!” Magnus Pater*

presents "Big Daddy" Roth's

L. E. Resin Kit $124.95

The LIMITED EDITION of ONLY 35 KITS makes this sure to become one egg-STREAM-ly collectible GK!

WILD CHILD! One a the best Roth Monsters never made... 'til now! Here's WC the way Big Daddy drawed him: snarly, gnarly, crazy, crud-covered an' over-the-top, outa control hairball! Ideal for any Roth-maniac!

Kit comes with both the original censored BLOODY AX an' the ever popular DROOPY ICE CREAM CONE! Also the full WILD CHILD FIGURE with HAT, RUMBLE CITY SIGN, CHAIN and KEY and kustom GIANT SHIFTER COLUMN sos ya kin fit him in yer Rothrod!

ALSO FULL COLOR INSTRUCTIONS... which ya can download right here:

WILD CHILD Instructions in PDF format

Print the PDF file in 2 page layout for a kool instruction booklet

WILD CHILD fits most any open-top 1:24th and 1:25th scale model cars. Slap him in yer souped-up rat-rod, vintage 'Vette or a GTO like the original drawlings. Convertible not necessary - I cut a hole in the hardtop GTO model here and you kin see it works great. Kit does not include a car.

If puttin' together a Revell Rat Fink is hard for ya, maybe you oughta get a lil more experience before tryin' this here monster. It's “scratch built” by me in my garage and may have rough edges that need to be filed, teeth that need to be inserted, stuff like that.

Yer gonna need CYNO-ACRYLATE GLUE (Crazy/Super glue) PERMANENT PUTTY (Bondo/ApoxieSculpt/Milliput) and a MINI-FILE or ROTARY TOOL - but the pieces are precision cast w/no bubbling and experienced modelers should not have any probs at all.

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Normal brain (okay, everything's relative)_____A greAT idea! or was it a FEVER?______Voila! TexFX gk is borned!

(Tex As RF by 'E-Man' Paclibon)

The (d)Evolution of TexFX GK

Tex Greene here, cheap krook and booty-watcha at TexFX GK! From my teeming sweatshops in the sunny, fun-filled heart of SoSoCal (sorta southern California) I'm crankin' out my own model kits like a man on fire – whoops! 'Scuse me a sec... I was on fire. But I put it out now. Anyway, I may be crazy but my mission is simple: There were SO many B movie monsters and fantastik Finks that never got made into models and baby... I'M GONNA CHANGE THAT! So get yerself one before all us old fartz who remember Big Daddy from Back in the Daze all die off! We're droppin' like flies!

"Big mess, Big success!" Big Daddy*