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First thing ya notice is EVERY SILLY SURFERS MODEL sprawled on one giant trash ridden beach! Next... what happened to Hodad's cigar?! The SLEEZY SURFERS DIORAMA is a unique multi-kit bash containing EVERY SILLY SURFERS MODEL KIT plus more - but now they're in all-out SEX MOD in their own crazy beach world. Feel the summer sun in the air and ocean breezes blowin' through their hair. Hardcore fun with sexy good times everywhere.

The pictures tell the story, so CLICK FOR MASSIVE, HI-REZ PHOTOS

This diorama is BIG. Nearly 3 feet long (35.75 inches to be exact) by 15+ inches high by 12+ in. deep. So much kustom stuff I can't list it all... heads, necks, arms, legs, hands, feet, clothes, not to mention cigars, centers of gravity and of course their... um, activities. Even the seagulls are getting it on!

The BASE: three feet of kustom rolling dunes and swelling waves incorporating all the original bases but combining them into a panorama of awesome sleaze-ality! Hi-detail garbage is strewn everywhere and the waves have been combined into one thrash-laden swell to create a private mini-world where these maniacs can indulge their passions with complete abandon... All pro-painted to perfection! The SLEEZY SURFERS DIORAMA will bring any collection up to a whole new level!

TECH: Base is 0.35 inch flooring wood reinforced with metal and polyurethane resin supports on all elevations, everything solid like iron. (This baby is NOT gonna fall apart!) Surfari wagon and Tandem surfer girl have two solid metal kustom pins to hold them in place (see pix). Hotdogger and Hodad can be cemented in their original attachments OR are solid enuf for display if you just place them in position...




Every TexFX Diorama is PACKED WITH CARE to ensure safe shipment... PROMISE!

Ballad of The Sleezy Surfers

Remember Silly Surfers from oh so long ago? Hangin' ten and catchin' rays and puttin' on a show?

They're still around, still ridin' waves and takin' life real easy - but now they're actin' so depraved ya hafta call 'em SLEAZY!

BEACH BUNNY finally left the sand to party in the ocean - she hooked up with The Hot Dog Man because he's got the motion!

Her waist is still so thin and taut and ultra-teeny-weeny, that's why she lost the bottom of her polka-dot bikini!

HOT DOGGER still is hangin' ten and shootin' through the curl but now he's also hammerin' that sweet BEACH BUNNY girl

He oughta feel embarrassed or maybe look shame-faced - but he's just glad those bunny-legs are wrapped around his waist!

Right next to them rides TANDEM an' they're sharin' the same wave! It's really hard to stand 'em now, they've gotten so depraved!

Instead of looking elegant they're all snarled up an' twisted into disgusting knots of lust nobody knew existed!

And here comes the old SURFARI, arrivin' with a screech - but that jalopy ain't the only WOODY on this beach!

They cheer at Woody's greeting coz new surfboards fill his rack - but mainly coz SLING RAVE CURVETTE is layin' in the back!

Now Curvette has a special way to beat the heat of summer... Usin' surfboards for her bed she takes on every comer!

Which brings us to the HODAD! No surfer is his pal - he's never touched a surfboard, much less a surfer gal!

He wants to be part of the scene and not stay on the shelf, but still he can't get any, so he spanks it by himself!

Those are the Sleezy Surfers and I hear you askin' why someone would try and do this... he must be an awful guy!

Who'd turn our Silly Surfers into perverts cravin' sex? That horny stuck-in-adolescence sociopath called Tex!

TexFXers speak:

Got the model today! Its amazing!! I can't believe this is mine! The detail is incredible and I love the paint job. I can't tell you how much I really love this model, this is great work, Tex! I really love it! Thanks again, Emmanuel P. ("Mother's Worry", "Surfink" n' lotsa support... Thanks, E-Man!)

I liked it in the photos, but in person it's WAY better! Extremely happy! (Dr. K from deep inna heart o' Texas about his Rat Fink, Too)

ROCKIN STUFF! Smokin' great items! I love yer creativity! Nicki C. (Weird-Ohs Outlaw Davey/Mr. Gasser/Rat Fink)