RECLINING WOMAN #2 by Geoffrey Greene

Reclining Goddess #2

Finished Sycamore - 46" x 16" x 6" - August, 2001 Private Collection, New York, NY

Artist's Comment:

I love wiggly stuff - underwater octopi, Chinese gongfu dancers with long sleeve streamers in wind, those balloon guys with wavy arms they use to advertise car dealerships and hamburger places... all definitely part of the inspiration here.

This was my first try at making a "wiggly" sculpture. I have a strong impulse to create forms that undulate - the more the merrier. I'll keep going as far as I can, til it reaches the point where the underlying form is completely obscured by undulations.

This wood sculpture was redone on a larger scale (52" long) as [RECLINING

That larger version was used for the bronze casting [RECLINING which is now available in a Premiere Edition. (Meaning a total run of six, now up to number four, so hurry.



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