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Rat Fink and Mother's Worry decided to have it out once an fer all in a good ol' fash-shunned JUNK YARD DRAG RACE! So they headed out an' like... GO MAN GO!! This here's a one-of-a-kind many kit filled BASH-O-RAMA of THE RAT his self and MR. MW just th way Big Daddy drawed 'em – snarly, gnarly and ober-the-top COWABUNG-ASHUSS! You'll regret it if ya don't put these guys in yer collection... keep readin...

ALL PHOTOS link to large format versions, so CLICK THE PICTURES FOR HI-REZ hi-detail PIX!

This baby is MASSIVE! 18 inches long by 16 inches wide, stands 13+ inches high. The original Big Daddy Roth RAT FINK and MOTHER'S WORRY models were used to make this, but not like they came outa the box! They got new arms n' legs, extended snouts, new nose, xtra teeth, kustom GIANT resin-cast tongues an' so much other stuff I cain't even remember it all! PLUS multiple neat-o car models bashed to make their kustom super-Willys and uber-Chevy racers... everything BASHED TOGETHER NICE an' all KUSTOMIZED TO THA MAX!!


Then there's the BASE... it's made of 1/6 in. thick flooring wood, reinforced with poly resin and permanent putty. Every contact point on the model is pegged down with metal rods and/or tap screws so it's nice n' tight. This model ain't gonna break! RAT FINK ROAD RACE DIORAMA will bring any collection up to a whole new level!

READY FOR DISPLAY - RAT FINK and MOTHER'S WORRY display very solid just put in position in their cars - OR they can be cemented in position. All attachments are completely reinforced w/metal rods and poly-resin - nothing is going to break anywhere. Remember... CLICK THE PIX!

reverse VU - CLICK THE PIX!

Every TexFX Diorama is PACKED WITH CARE to ensure safe shipment... PROMISE!

TexFXers speak:

Got the model today! Its amazing!! I can't believe this is mine! The detail is incredible and I love the paint job. I can't tell you how much I really love this model, this is great work, Tex! I really love it! Thanks again, Emmanuel P. ("Mother's Worry", "Surfink" n' lotsa support... Thanks, E-Man!)

I liked it in the photos, but in person it's WAY better! Extremely happy! (Dr. K from deep inna heart o' Texas about his Rat Fink, T

ROCKIN STUFF! Smokin' great items! I love yer creativity! Nicki C. (Weird-Ohs Outlaw Davey/Mr. Gasser/Rat Fink)