Box art by 'Tex' Greene/Box design by David Vaughn

Fantasy Box $49.95

This custom box - a tribute to Roger Corman's very first movie - will flubberghast the most demanding horror, sci-fi or B movie buffs! A work of art as well as Collector's item.

This amazing professional box was designed by Dave Vaughn of Morbid Monster with box art by Geoff 'Tex' Greene of TexFX. The vintage “coffin-lid” style is EXTRA-LARGE - 12" x 8" x 3 and 1/8th” and it's sturdy - this will hold up to years of display...

The box is made as if Revell or Aurora or AMT had actually produced all the kits that Monster Kids of the '60's dreamed about. The artwork is printed on a single sheet, professionally positioned and adhered to the coffin-style box lid w/a box bottom included... you'll think yer back in the day, gazin' at the shelf of yer local hobby shop!

Get the KIT AND BOX and it will be signed and numbered by the artist.

And oh, yeah... there's a KIT too! They're gonna look octo-KOOL in yer collection!


And don't forget the TexFX “Big Daddy” Roth collection...

Tex As RF by 'E-man' Paclibon

About TexFX GK

Cowabunga! “Tex” Greene here, 'Large Pappy' of TexFX Garage Kits. From my TexFX sweatshops in Bakersfield, CA - the sunny, fun-filled heart of So-SoCal (“Sorta Southern California”) - I'm busy skulptin' and castin' til my head is stuffed with resin dust! I'll skip how I got this way an' just tell ya that makin' my own model kits has become an obsession with me! My mission, tho possibly insane, is very simple: There were sooo many B MOVIE MONSTERS and FANTASTIK FINKS that never got made into kits and baby... I WANNA CHANGE THAT!

"It took little or no talent... and I had both!" Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth