Box art/Sculpt “Tex” Greene/Box design David Vaughn

This kit is no longer available... sorry!

MONSTER FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR is a kooky kool tribute to Roger Corman's very first movie monster. It's sure to thunder-ghast any true horror, sci-fi, cult or B movie afficianado!

JUSS THE FACTS: MONSTER FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR is a 60 piece kit which builds to a LARGE 14 by 14 by 12 inches tall. This is a MiaRG kit - made by me in my garage - so there is some prep work, but the pieces are guaranteed precision cast and assembly is slightly harder than regular Level 2 (about 2.5 if there was sucha thing) Actually it's a LOT easier than plenty of car kits I've built...

The kit is 100% ivory resin - no fillers. With the limited edition factor, the huge-ossity factor, the weirdness factor an' the koolness factor n' like, all the other factors, this is a real good bet to become one of the most collectible kits in GK history! Comes with FULL COLOR 8 PAGE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET... but you can also download it right here:

Click to see the MOF KIT Instruction book in PDF format

To to save the PDF file to your HD, right-click and choose "Save Target As"

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are in "print order"... print 'em in standard double page layout and they make a luvlee 8 page booklet!

A professional COLLECTORS FANTASY BOX is available for this kit for an additional $50. (Sorry, costs me almost that much to get 'em) It's a beautiful 8 x 12 x 3.5 inch, heavy-duty “coffin-lid” box designed by David Vaughn of with box art by ole wornout Tex Greene his ownself. Each boxed kit will be numbered and signed by the artist.

This kit is limited to an edition of 50 - no more will be ever made or sold by TexFX

GAL IS 10” LONG - sorry 'bout my sloppy paint job but imagine whatta real arteest like yerself could do!


It's gonna look octo-LICIOUS in yer collection!


And don't forget the TexFX “Big Daddy” Roth collection...

Tex As RF by Emmanuel Paclibon

About TexFX GK

Tex” Greene here, 'Large Pappy' of TexFX Garage Kits. From my sweatshops in sunny, fun-filled Bakersfield, the heart of So-SoCal (“sorta Southern California”) I'm skulptin' n' castin' til my brain is nuttin' but resin dust, coz makin' my own model kits has become an obsession with me! My mission - tho possibly insane - is simple: There were sooo many B MOVIE MONSTERS and FANTASTIK FINKS that never got made into kits and baby... I'M GONNA CHANGE THAT!

"It took little or no talent... and I had both!" Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth