King Kong vs The Pteradon!


Here's what CLIFF PAYNE (MODEL MAKER EXTRAORDINAIRE) has to say about this monster-mashup:

WOW!! This is one of the very best kit bashes i've seen in a LONG time! Certainly the best use of the PL Pteranodon ever!

This is a 2 kit mashup of the AURORA KING KONG and PTERADON kits with lots of custom work on the monsters and an entirely new kustom base with mountainous, razor-sharp stalagmites. There's so much detail on this that I put in large-format photos so you can see it – click the pix and see this model up close n' personal!

KONG, the 8th Wonder of the World, battles the PTERADON in this multikit bash from TexFX. New, more fluid positions of arms, legs, wings and heads – there's so much custom work on this thang I can't even describe it! Kong opens his fist to wring the screeching dactyl's scrawny neck and gives out a savage roar – he's bound and determined to get his lady back, but the prehistoric lizard wants to feed her kids a tasty morsel, too!

Oh... and the pteradactyl now flies, 'cause she's pegged to the mountain with a steel peg that runs all the way through her leg and both the mountain and leg are reinforced with cement putty! She's not going anywhere anytime soon.

there's a lotta kustom work on the figures – they're pretty much rebuilt in fact – but the base is even more amazing. Totally and completely customized using elements of the original bases but going WAY past 'em – it's a jagged series of razor-sharp cliffs and stalagmites littered with a dinosaur skulls and nesting reptile bird-babies! All secured to a super strong wood base – an amzing display!

(This kit sold on eBay for $300.00)