Born in Texas, Greene studied with noted regionalist Ancel E. Nunn, then attended the Arts Student's League and the New School in Manhattan. He married in 1980 but it was only after several years of 'regular' jobs and a move to Europe was he able to start his career as a working artist. His first solo show took place in 1983 on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza and sold out in less than an hour. He lived in Europe for several years and exhibited widely there, including group and solo shows in Germany, France and his beloved Spain.

In the New York studio - 1998

Though he worked steadily after his return to New York he never felt completely in his element artistically. In 1997 he was invited to join the elite Hudson River Sculpture Center in Manhattan – ironically, this was also the time he began to seriously question aspects of the market-driven New York art scene and the negative effect he was allowing it to have on his work.

At the HRSC - Manhattan 1999

In 1998, at the behest of the HRSC, he made an extended visit to Brazil, where - in lieu of producing artwork - he discovered the joys of "voo livre" (hang gliding). He returned during 1999/2000 to learn the sport, living and working for nearly a year on the northeast coast near Fortaleza.

Brazil, 2001

In 2001 he relocated to California where the climate - both cultural and weather-wise - helped him develop a new philosophy of art which he calls 'Neat-O!' (see below)

At home with "U-Shaped Woman". Los Angeles, 2004

Now Geoff is on the move again. He and his 2nd wife Annie recently moved to the California Wine Country where they are looking for the perfect house. They make regular visits to Annie's home country China, and he has adopted her son who recently graduated UC Irvine with an engineering degree. Geoff is currently at work on a new series of paintings and sculpture which will be available on this site in the near future.

At work in 'SoSoCal' - 2010

Geoff 's work is featured in several prominent collections including PBS NewsHour's Jim Lehrer, star actor/writer/producer Owen Wilson of Hollywood and NY taste-maker Michael Hirshchorn as well as the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art.



Galleria Es Moli - Ibiza, Spain................1985-95

Galeria Maecht - Barcelona.......................1997

Hromatka Gallery - Vienna, Austria...............1998

Hudson River Sculpture Center....................1998/99

Galerie Tiant - Paris, France....................1999

Dragao Do Mar, Fortaleza, Brazil.................2000

Studio Gallery - Irvine, CA......................2001 - Present

Pegaso Gallery - Los Angeles, CA.................2003 - Present

Selected Collections

THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM - Permanent Collection

Personal Collection OWEN WILSON, Malibu, CA/Oahu, HI

Personal Collection MICHAEL HIRSCHORN, New York, NY (VHI, Ish Entertainment)

Personal Collection of JIM LEHRER, Washington, DC (PBS NewsHour)

BORLETTI Collection, Ibiza, Spain and Milan, Italy (Fiat Motors)

FIAT MOTORS Milan, Italy - Corporate Collection

HROMATKA INC Vienna, Austria - Personal & Corporate Collections

Personal Collection of KLAUS & RITA VON BEULHAUER, Berlin/Mannheim, Germany (Royal House of Hapsburg)

Personal Collection NIKKI REED (Actress/Writer/Producer/Director) Los Angeles, CA

Personal Collection D.J. QUALLS (Memphis Beat, et al) Los Angeles, CA

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