Our motto: If it ain't Gnarly, it ain't Gnothin'!

presents "Big Daddy" Roth's

Limited Edition Resin Kit - Only $99.95

The TexFX 35 KIT LIMIT makes this sure to become one extremely collectible GK!

DRAG LOVER! One a the wildest Roth Monsters never made! The Cycle Cyclops with ONE BIG OL' EYE... the better to focus on what he LOVES... DRAG RACIN'! This home-brewed 100% resin kit is DRAG LOVER like Big Daddy drawed him: pupil-poppin', jaw-droppin', over-the-toppin' outa control gnarl-a-shuss! Sure to wham-boozle even the most devoted Roth-aholics!

Click below to download full instructions - they're FREE!

DRAG LOVER Instructions - PDF format

Print in double page layout (back and front) to make the full color instruction booklet

Kit does not include a car, If ya want a build-up just email!

DRAG LOVER fits most 1:24th or 1:25th scale cars. Convertible not necessary - cut a hole and a hardtop will do fine.

If you don't wanna get yer hands dirty maybe ya should just order a build-up. The kit requires CYNO-ACRYLATE GLUE (Krazy/Super) PERMA-PUTTY (Bondo/ApoxieSculpt/Milliput) and PAINT. All pieces guaranteed precision cast w/no bubbling or other defects. Experienced modelers should not have any probs.

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Normal brain (ok, everything's relative)__A greAT idea! or was iT TOO MUCH GARLIC?___Voila! TexFX GK is - like, borned!

(Tex As RF by 'E-Man' Paclibon)

The (d)Evolution of TexFX GK

Tex Greene here, cheap krook and booty-watcha at TexFX GK! From my teeming sweatshops in the sunny, fun-filled heart of SoSoCal (Sorta Southern California) I'm crankin' out my own model kits like a man on fire – whoops! 'Scuse me a sec... I ax-shully was on fire there. Got it out now, tho. Anyway, I may be nutz but my mission is simple: There were SO many fantastik Finks that never got made into models and baby... I'M GONNA CHANGE THAT! So get yerself one before all us old farts who remember Big Daddy from Back in the Daze are long gone! We're droppin' like flies!

"It took little or no talent... and I had BOTH!" Big Daddy Roth*