Concept/Sculpt by Tex Greene

1:8 scale Limited Edition RESIN KIT $249.95

Everyone's favorite Creature comes roarin' right straight atcha from the Black Lagoon - but this time Blackie's ridin' a kick-ass, super-kustom Harley Bad Boy! This 100% resin kit is sure to claw it's way thru yer collection die-wreck-lee into yer thumpin', poundin' heart!


This is a FULL 1:8 SCALE KIT - both creature and bike! Builds to 14 inches long by 12 inches high for a display that'll punch yer wumbas out! The BIKE is like a kit in itself... fourteen inches of Harley-Davidson's finest that's been hog-a-sized in Ye Very Best Olde Schoole manner... RAKED FRONT FORKS, KUSTOM BANANA SEAT, a STRIPPED RACING CHASSIS and gnarly pair of APE HANGER HANDLE BARS! Not to mention the awesumly massive FOUR anna HALF INCH KUSTOM REAR SLICK, KUSTOM BUILT FRONT WHEEL and the funky but functional swamp-splashin', bone-smashin' BASE WITH PRO NAMEPLATE by Fritz Frisling of Headless Hearseman. Make him wheelie as shown here, or have him ride flat – it's up to you!

Blackie himself is BASED ON THE CLASSIC 1963 AURORA MODEL but laid back long and lazy w/a whole lotta kustom work, full detailing and full 3D including his feet... er, flippers. Ignore my sucky paint job if ya can and imagine what an arteest like yerself could do with this here kit! Cowabunga!!

This is a MiaRG kit, made with loving care, by hand, by me, in my garage. There is prep work so please download the full instructions on this page. Experienced modelers should not have trouble with the kit, but you'll need Crazy/Super glue, permanent putty and a file or rotary tool. All the pieces are precision cast w/no bubbling and I try hard to get all the flash n' slag off but connections may have to be trimmed and gaps may have to be sealed. What with the size and ultra-koolness of this model - and the TexFX LIMITED EDITION GUARANTEE (see below) - this is sure to become one of the most collectible GKs in history!

TexFX Limited Edition of 35 kits!

No more will EVER be made or sold by TexFX!

It gonna look GREAT in yer collection!

About this kit...

Old, beat-up Tex here... in the interest of full disclosure, everything in my CREATURE ON A BLACK VAROOM kit is made of 100% first quality resin - except the APE HANGER HANDLEBARS! I cast many sets of resin bars but with my no-tech resources the ultra-thin pieces just weren't up to snuff so I wound up making the bars from metal. Now they hold up good! Thanks, and remember... Keep On Kalifornia Dreamin'!


And don't forget the Big Daddy Roth collection...

Tex As RF by Emmanuel Paclibon

Tex Greene here, 'Large Pappy' of TexFX Garage Kits. From my sweatshops in the sunny, fun-filled heart of So-SoCal (Sorta Southern California) I'm skulptin' and castin' til my head is fulla resin dust! I'll skip how I got this way an' just tell ya that makin' my own model kits has become an obsession with me! My mission - tho possibly unsane – is simple: There were sooo many crazy B MOVIE MONSTERS and frenetic FANTASTIK FINKS that never got made into model kits and baby... I WANNA CHANGE THAT!

"It took little or no talent... and I had both!" Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth