Concept/Box Art by Pete Von Sholly - Sculpt by “Tex” Green

"From Hell It Came... Surfin' All the Way”

This item is no longer available... sorry!

Allow me to intreeduce TABANGA – aka: Borunga, Tabunga, Tabinga, Tobanga... whatever ya all him, he's everybody's favorite Tree Man from Hell! Lately he's been board so he decided to pack his trunk and leaf for the beech, where he's carvin' barrels to spruce up his technique which is still a bit... um, wooden. 'Nuff said! I'll bough out, but you get the point coz yer no sap:

He's gonna look TREE-MEN-dous in yer collection!

Based on the drive in movie class-sick “FROM HELL IT CAME!” this kit will petrify even the most demanding 50s horror, sci-fi, monster or B movie buff! Made of 100% resin (no fillers to weaken the resin) it builds to a massive 12” x 12” x 6” size that'll punch yer display to the max! Concept by Pete Von Sholly, sculpt by “Tex” Greene

A box is available for this kit, similar to a classic Aurora Monster “long box” from the 1960s, w/art by Pete Von Sholly... a collectible in itself! Box must be purchased separately and does NOT come with the kit. (But ask with yer order and I will add to yer bill)

THIS KIT IS LIMITED TO AN EDITION OF ONLY 35 – no more will ever be made or sold by TexFX!


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Tex As RF by Emmanuel Paclibon

About TexFX GK

Tex” Greene here, 'Large Pappy' of TexFX Garage Kits. From the sunny, fun-filled heart of So-SoCal (“Sorta Southern California”) I'm skulptin' and castin' til my tiny li'l brain is nuttin' but resin dust! I'll skip how I got this way an' just tell ya that makin' my own model kits has become an obsession with me! My mission - tho possibly insane - is very simple: There were sooo many B MOVIE MONSTERS that never got made into kits and baby... I'M GONNA CHANGE THAT!

"It took little or no talent... and I had both!" Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth