Limited Edition Bronze

Length 52" x Height 26" x Depth 6" - 2005

This bronze is available through a casting commission in a PREMIERE EDITION which will not exceed 6 multiples in solid bronze. The sculpture is signed, dated and numbered by the artist: "Geoffrey Greene - DATE - #5/6" ... meaning the casting is number FIVE in a series of six, and that no more than six sculptures will ever be cast in the series.


I love wiggly stuff. Underwater octopi, Chinese gongfu dancers with long sleeve streamers in wind, those balloon guys with wavy arms they use to advertise car dealerships and hamburger places... all definitely part of the inspiration here. Here's a smaller piece done a few years ago:

Later I redid the sculpture, scaling up in size and this second larger piece was used to make the casting mold:

The sculpture is 3/4 lifesize, making it large enough to impact any interior space or enhance an outdoor garden/sculpture park, yet small enough to be easily moved and installed without becoming a major project. The sculpture will be cast in SOLID BRONZE, as opposed to the hollow interior shell which is standard for medium-sized or larger bronzes. This makes it ideal for alfresco display as it's quite weather resistant and practically indestructible. Weight approximately 286 lbs. Mountings and/or tap bolts can be added at no charge but must be requested prior to casting. No stand, base, table mount or other presentation device is included.

This artwork has an existing negative mold, which cuts cost significantly.

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