THE GODDESS OF AIR2 by Geoff Greene


Oak & pine - Height 10+ feet Width: Variable July, 2006

The second "Goddess of Air" sculpture from a commisision by Eugenio my erstwhile dealer, who, sadly for me at least, moved back to Italy. This one is slightly larger than GofAir #1, standing nearly 11 feet at the tallest. The two figures constitute a single work of art.

[GofAir2- Singe figure]
Artist's Statement

Dusk in the studio, staring at the walls and I "hallucinated" up this concept - seeing things, a common MO for me as far as artwork goes. I suddenly envisioned these figures, off in a shadowy corner, rising & falling. And as soon as I saw 'em, I got up and sawed 'em! (Sorry)

The idea of incorporating a plinth as an integral part of a sculpture - giving the base equal esthetic weight with the figurative elements which are traditionally considered to be more valuable - is very appealing to me, and not simply because most of the figures I do are female. Aside from "putting women on a pedestal" I like playing with the concepts of support, elevation & presentation as metaphors for emotion, manipulating the presence of a piece by playing with these elements openly, much the same way as those Japanese puppeteers dressed in black, whom you both see & ignore at the same time.

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